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Specific volunteer opportunities with SYC will be highlighted in the Work for SYC section as they arise, but there are many opportunities that are available year-round. Be sure to contact the National Office whatever your interest is at info@syc-cjs.org.

SYC Excomm

The SYC Executive Committee, or as we refer to it 'the Excomm', is the most intensive and rewarding volunteer opportunity available. As an elected member of the Excomm, you are one of a team of decision-makers for the organization. Elections this year open May 24th, be sure to cast your vote!

Youth Delegate on the Sierra Club of Canada Board of Directors

The Sierra Club of Canada Board of Directors has 2 designated positions for youth representatives. These representatives are elected by the entire SCC membership to serve a 3 year term. This is an amazing opportunity to gain experience on a national volunteer board of directors, and to represent both youth and SYC.

Office Volunteers

For those who are in the Ottawa-area, or in a city where our regional staff are located, we are always very thankful for office volunteers. Office help could include database development, research, clerical work, outreach activities, communications, art, and event planning.

Co-op Placements

If you are either a high-school or post-secondary student and your school offers a co-op program, consider working with SYC. We have the capacity to welcome 1 to 2 co-op students into our National Office per term. Our project work can complement many areas of study including but not exclusive to: graphic design, environmental studies, business, web programming, art, communications, education, and international studies.


Often SYC has positions available for interns in the National Office. Internships are a great way to gain meaningful work experience in the field of youth activism while exploring a new city.

SYC Representation

From Bonn, Germany, to Seattle, Washington, to Montreal, Quebec SYC has sent representatives to many different workshops, conferences and events. If you are a youth, and an SYC member, you are eligible to attend. Check out our News section to see if there is currently a call-out for representatives.

SYC Advisory Committee

Would you like to help SYC by lending us your expertise? SYC is establishing a diverse committee of individuals who can offer us their wisdom and advice in specific areas. Do you have design, fundraising, facilitation, financial management, web, or other skills you would like to share?

Join in our commitment to anti-oppression. In order to guarantee that all our members have an equal opportunity to participate in our organization, we have taken the time to develop an internal policy to proactively and systematically reduce sources of exclusion, power and discrimination.

On top of our commitment to consensus-based decision-making, we are also determined to generate "safe space", a space that is respectful, engaging and open, which belongs to all our members equally. Anti-oppression is also the source of our increasing commitment to environmental justice: the right to a safe and healthy environment and acces to necessary ressources for sustaining life.