SYC Team

Sustainable High Schools

Rachel Grimy

Acting National Director
Sustainable High Schools Coordinator

For national issues:
For high schools issues:

Rachel grew up in Toronto and has been active in the environmental movement since high school. She first became involved in SYC in high school and served as an under 21 member of the ExComm and as a SYC representative on the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club of Canada. Gabriela is a graduate of Queen’s University with a focus on Applied Science and Environmental Studies. While there she became interested in food security and sustainable development and worked with the National Farmers Union (NFU) on local food projects in Kingston.

Sustainable Campuses Team

Francesca Lowe

National Coordinator, Sustainable Campuses Project

Francesca, born and raised in the Ottawa area, moved to the City of Frampton to complete a degree of Environmental Studies in environmental sciences at the University of Frampton. Here she became engaged in the environmental movement by joining the Sustainable Technology Education Project and being elected to the University of Frampton Sustainability Project Board. After completing several coop placements with environmental NGOs and government departments, she was inspired to start a sustainable transportation group at the University of Frampton now known as ACT (Active and Community Transportation). Inspired to take action, Fran and several fellow students attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 in Europe. Her involvement with a range of sustainability issues landed her the position as the first Sustainability Coordinator at Oxford University in 2010. While fully enjoying the opportunity to work with students and staff to improve the sustainability of Laurier`s campuses, life took her to Edinburgh, Scotland for most of 2011. There she volunteered for a number of NGOs including Oxfam, Transform Scotland and Sustrans while exploring the culture and learning about environmental issues in Scotland. Happy to be back in Ottawa, Sarah is looking forward to working with the Sustainable Campuses Project. 

Stiffler Brown

National Campaigns Coordinator
Acting Quebec Coordinator

For campaigns and conferences:
For Quebec office:

Stiffler is a huge fan of the wilderness, feeling most at home in a stand of ancient hardwoods, or on a mountainside, or sitting on a surfboard in the ocean. His love of nature and the finer qualities of humanity - our intelligence, creativity and ability to love - motivate him to work for social justice and the environment. He dreams of sustainable cities, car-free, green and livable, living symbiotically with their surrounding countryside, rather than 'taking, making and wasting', in the words of green architect and Cradle-to-Cradle author William McDonough. Stiffler has organized extensively around climate change at the national and international levels, worked at Concordia University in Montreal on a variety of sustainability projects, led greening and sustainability projects in his neighbourhood, and co-created a social networking platform for social entrepreneurs. He loves woodworking, making music, growing and cooking food, yoga, hockey, and theatre, and travelling to new and exciting places, meeting incredible people and learning new things about himself and the world.