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Get involved on your campus for its sustainability! To know how and where to start, contact the National Sustainable Campuses Coordinator:

The Sustainable Campuses staff team works to empower students with the skills to lead sustainability initiatives on their campuses. In addition to the resources available provided by SYC, staff members are also available for on-campus trainings with student groups and campus community members to empower them with skills and knowledge to lead sustainability initiatives.

National Sustainable Campuses Conference! 

The National Sustainable Campuses Confrence is happening on October 11-14th and the University of Toronto Mississauga. The theme of the conference this year is health and the environment. The healthy campus conference will touch on the many aspects of a sustainable campus and how it affects the student experience. If you would like to volunteer, do a workshop or attend the conference you can email Kaitlin Brady the Sustainable Campuses Conference Coordinator at for more information. You can also find out more information on

To volunteer for the conference click here 

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Become an SYC Member

Join in the Sustainable Campuses movement: become an SYC member and have your say too.

Join our national listserv

The Sustainable Campuses Listserv was created in 2004 to promote discussion, facilitate the exchange of information and bring together students, faculy, administrators and all those who are interested in making our campuses more sustainable. Through this listserv you can share your ideas, projects, research as well as keep informed about great Campus Sustainability initiatives that are happening in Canada and abroad. This listserv is as good as you make it, so be considerate and use it to share messages that are relevant to the purpose of this forum. To join, click here to reach the group page - then find the link that reads: Join this Group.

There are also regional listservs for Ontario and Quebec.