Student Unions for Sustainability

The Student Unions for Sustainability campaign was started in 2006 to harness the particular opportunities that student unions have to take the lead on sustainability.

Check out our Student Unions for Sustainability toolkit.

Please find resources from student unions across the country under the following sections:

  • People: Terms of reference for existing sustainability, social justice, or environmental committees, boards, and working groups; job profiles for sustainability coordinators, auditors, VPs
  • Policy: Sustainability, ethical purchasing, or environmental policies and by-laws
  • Planning: Organizational assessments by using CSAF, GRI, ISO, or other triple bottom line accounting frameworks; strategic, action, and work plans
  • Projects: Project implementation info such as proposals and budgets for any project relating to sustainability in the broadest sense of the word

For more information on our partnership with the Canadian Federation of Students, check out the Students for Sustainability website.