High School Climate Challenge

The High School Climate Challenge (HSCC) is a new addition to Sustainable High Schools that further supports students in measuring their schools’ greenhouse gas emissions and taking action to reduce them.

HSCC is a project of both SYC and partner Clean Air Champions and is currently being piloted in Ottawa schools. HSCC provides an online greenhouse gas calculator that produces quantifiable data on greenhouse gas emissions and reductions. Key features of the calculator are:

  • School profiles
  • Drop-down menus to choose your province and climate region
  • School heating and electricity measures showing reduced consumption and cost savings
  • Weight or volume of materials diverted from landfill
  • Chart and graph summaries of annual emissions and reductions
  • Immediate, printable, and sharable graphic outputs
  • Option to include renewable energy use and composting initiatives

To know more about this initative, visit the High School Climate Challenge Web site!