Sustainable High Schools



The Sustainable High Schools project supports high school communities in envisioning, assessing, and acting to improve their school's sustainability. The project empowers schools to act upon their local and global responsibilities to protect and enhance the health and well-being of human and ecological communities.

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The Sustainable High Schools Story

The SYC’s Sustainable Campuses project has supported over 72 universities and colleges working for sustainability with conferences, mentors and the Campus Sustainability Assessment Framework over the past 10 years. In the fall of 2005, three SYC members, Nik Parent, Emma Banks and Aqueela Nanj, learned about the project. Frustrated with the unsustainable way their high schools were run, they asked SYC to help them adapt the Sustainable Campuses project to make it available for use in high schools. Working together via phone and email for over a year, they designed the High School Sustainability Assessment Framework (HSSAF). Impressed and inspired by the passion and initiative demonstrated by Nik, Emma and Aqueela, SYC partnered with the Sierra Club BC Chapter's Education Program to launch the Sustainable High Schools Project. It was tested out at École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde in Ottawa and in five BC schools.