How-To Guides

SYC Sustainable Campuses has produced numerous how-to guides that can help campus environmental activists and sustainability offices achieve their goals and improve their practices. Check below for the guides that will help you and your organization.

Sustainable Campuses Introduction Resource Package
A resource package that tackles the fundamentals of campus sustainability. This guide starts with defining sustainability and works up to developing sustainability management systems, writing sustainability-oriented campus policy and achieving institutional commitment.

Download each chapters of the Sustainable Campuses Resource Package!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Building a sustainable campus

Chapter 3: What's happening on campus and beyond?

Chapter 4: The indispensable policy section

Chapter 5: From Theory to Practice: Getting Started And Strategizing

Chapter 6: Resources


Sustainable Campuses Group Kit
Whether you are a student looking to start a brand new campus group or an experienced group leader, this kit will supply you with management expertise to enhance your organizational capacity and maximize your impact on campus sustainability.

Student Unions for Sustainability Guide

This guide wants to help student unions to start a sustainability process, by providing a logical sequence of actions and tips to be successful,

Anti-Oppression Resource Guide
The Anti-Oppression Resource Guide provides basic terms and references for anti-oppression work and can help you connect with other anti-oppression resources. This guide also contains the beginnings of an anti-oppression speakers database - if you know of additional speakers that should be on our list don’t hesitate to contact us!

Faculty Guide
One of the best ways to make your campus more sustainable is to incorporate campus sustainability into official coursework. This guide provides ideas and examples for faculty to integrate applied sustainability into their credited coursework.

Fundraising Guide
Not sure how to fund your totally amazing and important group or project? This guide will give you some valuable pointers on where and how to get the all-important funds to implement your big ideas.

GHG Reduction Planning Guide
This resource guide will assist campus stakeholders in lobbying for GHG emissions reduction policies and initiating, and participating in campus GHG emission reduction efforts.

Multi-stakeholder Guide
If you would like to improve your ability to engage and activate diverse stakeholders on campus, this is your guide.

Paper Campaigns for Campuses Guide
This guide provides background information on forestry issues and ideas for more sustainable paper consumption on campus. Also check out our national PaperCut campaign.

Student Fees Guide (new!)
So you've got an active student body, innovative ideas, lots of determination, ...but NO MONEY! Find out how students have raised their own funds by drawing on the collective power of the students to support campus sustainability initiatives.

Waste Audit Guide (new!)
Learning more about disposal patterns on your campus will help you direct your organizing where solutions are most needed.

Strategic Planning Guide, Version 2
Want to know how to make an effective plan and stick to it? This strategy guide contains elements that any organization or individual planning for the future will find valuable.  

Sustainability Coordinator Resource Guide (2006)
This guide contains resources for coordinators, or students hoping to establish coordinator positions, as well as a survey of Sustainability Coordinators from across Canada conducted in 05/06 by members of the Sustainable Campuses Project Committee.