In Quebec, as in other Canadian provinces, Sustainable Campuses supports university students in their initiatives for the sustainable development of their campuses. To stay informed about the news, workshops, conferences and events regarding sustainable development on campus, register to the Quebec Sustainable Campuses list serves!

In Quebec, the Sierra Youth Coalition works through a regional partnership called the Youth Partnership for Sustainable Development, or Partenariat jeunesse pour le développement durable (PJDD). Besides the Sierra Youth Coalition, this partnerships includes ENvironnement JEUnesse la Fédereation étudiante universitaire du Québec (FEAQ) and la Féderation étudiante collégiale du Québec (FECQ).

Main programs run through the PJDD are:

The PJDD agent associated to the Sierra Youth Coalition is Floris Ensink agent.cjs @, 514-686-3709

Sustainable residences

The sustainable residences campaign is divided into two phases.

A contest between university residences from different cities in Quebec took place in March 2012. All habitants of residences competed in four categories, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, long term sustainability and participation. For the second edition, that  will take place in February 2013, the contest will also be open for Cégep residences.

The second stage consist of an analysis of the sustainability of the residences based on a list of indicators developed by a group of students from the University of Sherbrooke. This phase is carried out by small groups of students, in collaboration with the management of the residences, with the intention to propose and implement more structural changes, leading to a better performance in terms of sustainability.

CASQ / CASQ-asso

 The CASQ / CASQ-asso is a meeting between representatives of environmental groups and leaders in sustainable development within student associations, which takes place two times a year. The purpose of the meeting is mainly to share experiences, successes and identify challenges. New this year, one hour of training delivered by an external expert. This will allow to refine the skills used in our daily involvement.


The “Sustainable Campus” certification was officially launched on September 14, 2009. During this occasion, the three pilot universities were granted level 1 certification. Congratulations to Université Laval, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and Université de Sherbrooke! The “Sustainable Campus” certification is a certification process in four levels attesting to the advancement of university campuses towards sustainability, based on a principle of continual improvement. The “Sustainable Campus” certification includes the following three objectives:

  • Facilitating collaboration between the different university actors
  • Publicly recognizing the efforts of universities on the path towards sustainability
  • Ensuring a greater transparency of information within universities.

The Sustainable campuses certification is currently under revision. Contact Floris Ensink for more information. 

For any question or information request related to Sustainable Campuses, do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Gabriela Rappel - National Director

Floris Ensink, Agent for the PJDD