National and Regional Conferences

Sustainable Campuses Conferences provide the opportunity for university and college students from coast to coast to build capacity within their groups, meet likeminded individuals, and build networks and campaigns to develop a strong movement for environmental change. At both national and regional conferences, students are able to showcase their campus successes, learn from peers, receive skills based organizing training from youth experts, be addressed by inspirational keynote speakers, and return to campus with a crew of fully charged activists ready to take on the world.

Since 2006, Ontario Sustainable Campuses Conferences have created the opportunity to grow and solidify the Ontario Sustainable Campuses network. The host for the annual regional conference in Ontario is selected every winter semester through applications evaluated by the Ontario Regional Action Coordinator, the National Sustainable Campuses Coordinator and members of the Regional Action Committee.

Hosting Schools: Fleming College (2010), Lakehead University (2009), University of Ottawa (2008), University of Toronto (2007), Trent University (2006).

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