National and Regional Campaigns

Bottled Water Free Day

Across Canada and around the world, people are taking a stand in support of public water and against the privatization of water. The bottled water industry is being forced under a public microscope as more and more people question the growing corporate control of water. In Canada, there are over 79 municipalities, 6 school boards and 6 campuses that have successfully phased out the provision and sale of bottled water in their sectors. Will your institution be next?  It's time to stand up and speak out, ditch the bottle and turn on the tap!

Students for Sustainability 

In recent years, the true impact of human activity on climate change has become more clear. Accordingly, environmental sustainability has become a top priority for Canadians and polls reveal that Canadians have high expectations for government action. As with the peace and civil rights movements, students have played a critical role in the environmental movement for decades. Through organisations such as the Canadian Federation of Students and the Sierra Youth Coalition, students are mobilising across Canada to put pressure on politicians to take action on climate change and other environmental issues.


PaperCut is a campaign that mobilizes community support to encourage university and college administrations to switch to forest-friendly paper products. The campaign also calls on administrations to put forth a Paper Purchasing Policy that requires all departments and faculties on campus to reduce their paper use by a minimum of 20 percent over a three year period. 

Student Unions for Sustainability

Student unions hold a long history as progressive voices on campuses across Canada. Well-organized student unions are powerful stakeholders that can channel student ideals into campus realities. Student unions have a unique position to strategically leverage sustainability within campus communities. As organizations that represent and lobby for the interests of thousands of students across Canada, student unions are the most influential student groups on campus. Existing to enhance the student experience, their operations and business practices have significant purchasing power and large ecological footprints. Join student unions from across Canada in advocating for more sustainable campus communities.

Campus Climate Challenge

The Campus Climate Challenge is a project of more than 30 leading youth organizations throughout the Canada and the United States. The Challenge leverages the power of young people to organize on university and college campuses across the country to win 100% Clean Energy policies at their schools. The Challenge is growing a generation-wide movement to stop global warming, by reducing the pollution from our universities and colleges down to zero, and leading our society to a clean energy future.

Residence Challenge

Can you convince students to reduce their ecological footprint in residence? The Residence Challenge is a way to engage our university administrations to sign the University and College Presidents Climate Change Statement through our own commitment to reduce Green House Gases in campus residence buildings. Climate change is our generations’ opportunity to create a clean, just and sustainable world. Join the growing youth movement taking action all accross Canada to fight climate change!