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Get involved with Canada’s largest youth environmental organization! You could be part of the growing movement of youth across the country speaking out and taking action to create a more socially and ecologically sustainable Canada for future generations! SYC operates as a grassroots organization, which means... YOU hold the power! We have members across the country, from coast to coast, who form a giant network of activists and youth leaders. Join or volunteer today! You'll have the power of Canada’s youth behind whatever local project you want to take on.

There are tons more benefits to being an SYC Member!

  • Receive a 40% off of VIA rail travel with your membership card;
  • Fundraise personal initiatives with our education fund;
  • Represent SYC at international conferences;
  • Take action on social and environmental issues with other youth activists;
  • Form a local group and tackle important issues in your home town;
  • Let SYC help you form a campus environmental group, plan a residence energy challenge or take on a sustainability audit at your High School!

SYC is volunteer and member driven. Get involved! Be part of the growing movement.

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