Campus Climate Challenge

Addressing Climate Change is the Challenge of Our Generation!

Let's take on climate change, starting with our campuses!

SYC is one of more than 50 youth environmental and social justice organizations in the Energy Action Coalition. Together, we launched the Campus Climate Challenge in September 2006, and are now in the third year of running the Challenge.

This campaign engages students on over 500 campuses in Canada and the United States to:
1. Reduce their campus emissions by 90% before 2050

2. Engage a generation of students with our ability and responsibility to tackle climate change

Windsor Students Take on the Campus Climate Challenge! February 2009

Campuses can then challenge other major emitters (corporations, municipalities, etc) to match or beat our reductions! SYC can support you to create a clean and just energy future starting today by...

  • connecting you with other students who are taking the Campus Climate Challenge
  • sharing tools and resources on how to organize your campaigns, attract campus media attention, engage the student body, and measure & reduce your campus Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • offering training and support through our Regional Coordinators
  • generating mass media attention about the Challenge and the importance of climate change to our generation

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