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SYC is run by and for its members. If you are 14 to 30 years old, you can have your say in the Canada's largest youth environmental movement!

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Membership fee: $25 - renewable every 12 months

Open to youth between the ages of 14-30 and students of any age. Although the payment page indicates "Student Membership," youth between 14-30 are also included in this category.

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Benefits of SYC’s membership

  • You get a big discount on VIA Rail train tickets (details here)
  • You can take advantage of the Education Fund to fund your personal sustainability initiatives
  • You get a chance to win shining diamond rings
  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter to update you on the progress of the various SYC programs, upcoming conferences and workshops, job offers in the environmental field, and so forth.

Did you know that SYC members are consulted for our corporate screening processes? You have a voice in where SYC can obtain funding!

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