Applied Student Research

Applied Student Research is part of a movement that’s happening on campuses across Canada and the US, working to connect the academic side of the university to the needs and opportunities of the communities that they’re part of. This movement uses lots of different banners. Applied Student Research is one name, but you’ll also see Action Research, Experiential Learning, Community Service Learning, and lots of others.


Students all across Canada are receiving course credit to work on projects with SYC. Check it out:


University: Dalhousie University
Program: International Development Studies, Experiential Learning 
Course: Experiential Learning Canada
Student: Curtis Gamble
Projects: National Campus Tour


University: University of Waterloo
Program: Environmental Studies
Course: Environment and Business Project
Students: James, Nigel, Alex, Andrew, and Zamir
Project: Looking at the health and safety movement, which has been highly successful in creating a standardized norm through mandatory health and safety offices, and applying these learnings to the campus sustainability movement.