History of Activism at SYC

Be Heard Now! Get Accredited NGO/Youth Status
Through SYC you can gain valuable experience and access to decision makers at conferences, here in Canada and around the world. We'll get you into the doors; you take it from there. Many international conferences invite representatives from the NGO sector and youth organizations. As a member of SYC, you may represent the organization at a variety of major international events, including:

  • World Social Forum
  • World Trade Organization Ministerial Conferences
  • United Nations Assemblies and Programs
  • United Nations Climate Change Talks (through our partnership with CYCC's Canadian Youth Delegation)
  • Committees of Parliament
  • Provincial governments

If your participation at a conference is for non-advocacy purposes, and you have a plan to share the knowledge you'll gain there with others, you may fundraise for travel and accommodation costs with SYC's Education Fund.

History of Activism at SYC

The Sierra Youth Coalition has a history of campaigning for social justice and environmental protection both at home and abroad. We believe that youth play a crucial part in the development of tomorrow's society — its culture as well as its political structures. We want to shape the world we are meant to inherit! Here are some of the projects we have worked on:

  • Bike Trips

2008 Return To The Tar Sands - Alberta 2007 To The Tar Sands - Alberta 2003 Deconstructing Dinner Caravan - Canada to Mexico 2001 Climate Change Caravan - Across Canada

  • Federal Government (most notably... we do so many of these!)

Elections 2008: Delivery of toxic Athabaska River Water to candidates across the country Filibuster Buster Eco-Criminals Harper and Baird

  • Tar Sands

Stelmach's Office - Contamination Suits Critical Mass Calgary - Deliver Athabaska River water to oil execs

  • International Conferences - Delegates Sent and Street Protests Participation

APEC Summit: Vancouver 1998

  • World Trade Organization

Hong Kong 2005, Cancun 2003, Seattle 1999

  • UN Climate Change Conferences

Poznan 2008, Bali 2007, Nairobi 2006, Montreal 2005

  • UN Commission on Sustainable Development

New York 2008